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  The Tohoku University Faculty of Education was established after World War II in May 1949 with the purpose of promoting educational research and instructor training. In May 1953, the Master’s and Doctoral Programs, comprising of the two majors, Pedagogy and Educational Psychology, were established, forming the Graduate School of Education.

   In April 1965, the Instructor Training Program separated from the Faculty of Education and relocated to the newly founded Miyagi University of Education. After the separation, several new majors were established and the Faculty and Graduate School developed into an institution based on educational sciences, with focuses on philosophy, sociology, public administration, psychology, and medicine. Beginning in 1998, the department underwent a large scale reform, including the enlargement of previous academic units and a shift of emphasis to graduate programs, in order to accommodate to social demands such as scientific advancement and the interdisciplinization of academic subjects.

  Currently, in 2010, the Faculty of Education consists of the Educational Sciences Division, separated into two departments, Pedagogy and Educational Psychology. The Graduate School consists of the Educational Sciences and Design, Measurement and Assessment in Education, the first consisting of six research courses, Human Formation, Educational Policy, Adult Further Education, Teaching and Learning Sciences, Human Development, and Clinical Psychology, and the second consisting of the single research course, Design, Measurement and Assessment in Education.

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