I-GES International Graduate Program in Global Education Studies Doctoral CourseI-GES International Graduate Program in Global Education Studies Doctoral Course

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Why I-GES?

1) Education and research in interdisciplinary and international collaboration

I-GES is committed to education and research within an interdisciplinary and internationally collaborative framework.


Interdisciplinary Perspectives

I-GES is characterized by its commitment to advancing education and research from the interdisciplinary perspectives of school education, adult education, international educational development, and multicultural education. The program fosters researchers and practitioners who can analyze educational issues in a globalizing society from an interdisciplinary perspective based on the values and ethics required in modern society, such as respect for diversity, fairness, and social justice.

Edu Fair/Fare Mind

This is a class taught by I-GES faculty members as well as researchers from foreign universities and international organizations with which Tohoku University has academic agreements. Students learn about the necessity of a “fair and inclusive society,” engage in activities in various research fields that will lead to this, and realize how to adopt this perspective.

Mentoring System

I-GES introduces a mentoring system which provides research guidance for doctoral dissertations under an international system. The mentors will be researchers from universities with which Tohoku University has interdepartmental agreements.

Asia Education Leader Course

The Graduate School of Education has established the Asia Education Leader Course (AELC), an international learning opportunity in collaboration with four universities in East Asia. I-GES students can participate in AELC classes and deepen their knowledge within an international network. For more information about AELC, please refer to the following website: https://www.sed.tohoku.ac.jp/ireo/aelc/


2) Tohoku University’s abundant educational resources

Since its founding in 1907, Tohoku University has made numerous achievements and established itself as a leader in academia based on its principles of “Open Doors,” “Research First,” and “Practice Oriented Research and Education.” Tohoku university is also active in supporting students in their research.

We offer a variety of programs designed to alleviate the financial concerns of doctoral students and support challenging new research. For more information on support for students, please refer to the following website: https://www.tohoku.ac.jp/en/admissions/financial_aid.html