I-GES International Graduate Program in Global Education Studies Doctoral CourseI-GES International Graduate Program in Global Education Studies Doctoral Course

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Tohoku University provides scholarships for prospective and current international students of graduate school programs.
There are two types of scholarships that require application, either before or after matriculation to the Graduate School of Education at Tohoku University.
Application before matriculation:
1. Japanese Government (Monbukagakusho MEXT) Scholarship
(Embassy Recommendation) 
Applying for the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology (MEXT) scholarship with a recommendation from a Japanese embassy in the applicant's home country is referred to as the "Embassy Recommendation" category.
The Japanese Embassy or Consulate General in the applicant's home country takes on the role of assessing and recommending candidates to MEXT for further evaluation and final selection.
Since the application process and timeline may vary depending on the applicant's nationality, you are advised to contact the Japanese Embassy or Consulate General in your country to obtain specific details regarding the application procedure.
Please click on the link below to access an online list of Japanese Embassies and Consulates worldwide and find further information about the MEXT Scholarship in your country.
Application after matriculation: 
1. Japanese Government (Monbukagakusho MEXT) Scholarship (University Recommendation- October entrants only) 
University Recommendation is a system that allows the university to apply to MEXT for scholarships for excellent foreign students newly arriving in Japan from countries with which the Japanese government has diplomatic relations.
At Tohoku University, applicants who wish to be recommended for this scholarship must follow the specified admission procedures described below.
The applicants are required to submit the necessary MEXT Scholarship application documents to the Educational Affairs Section of the Graduate School of Education.
The Graduate School of Education then nominates applicants for Tohoku University's screening of all of its candidates for the MEXT scholarship.
Tohoku University will choose candidates through this selection process and recommend them to MEXT.
MEXT will conduct a final screening to determine scholarship recipients.
The number of university recommendation slots is limited, and scholarships will only be granted to a number of applicants equal to or less than the number of available scholarship recommendations through these procedures.
2. JASSO Scholarship (e.g. The Monbukagakusho Honors Scholarship for Privately-Financed International Students) 
3. Support for Pioneering Research Initiated by the Next Generation "Tohoku University Advanced Graduate School Pioneering Research Support Project for PhD Students"
4. Scholarships from private foundations after matriculation
Some private foundations or other organization in Japan offer scholarships for international students. After your successful enrollment, you can receive information from the Educational Affairs Section of Tohoku University's Graduate School of Education. 
For more information about scholarships or other financial support programs provided by Tohoku University, please refer to the following websites:
Also, please inquire with your country's Ministry of Education or relevant organizations within your country's universities to obtain comprehensive information regarding studying in Japan as an international student.

Student support

Tuition fee waiver

Tuition fee exemptions will be granted to students who cannot pay the full amount, two-thirds, half, one-third or one-quarter of the tuition due to financial difficulties and who are recognized as being in good academic standing.


Prospective students may apply to live in the university’s dormitories.

Tutor system

All international students are supported by a tutor for the first year.

Financial Support for Academic Activities by
Alumni Association of the Graduate School of Education:

To promote graduate students’ international research activities and support for doctoral dissertation writing at the Graduate School of Education, prospective students may apply for financial support by the Alumni Association. For details, please consult with I-GES Office.

Japanese Language Class and Japanese Language Writing Tutorials:

Although I-GES is an ALL-ENGLISH Program, we are providing an environment for students in this program to study the Japanese language. For those who want to study the Japanese language, please consult with the International Research and Exchange Office of the Graduate School of Education.

Please find the university-wide support from TU support via the following URL