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Graduate School of Education

The main objective of the Tohoku University Graduate School of Education is to contribute to the development of the various sciences related to education, while training researchers and highly skilled professionals in the fields of education. Here at the Graduate School of Education, while endeavoring in their own personal field of study, students and researchers are also encouraged to conduct logical and practical research in teams in order to overcome individual boundaries. The highly prestigious Doctoral Program attracts students from both inside and outside of Japan and of various facets of life, such as college instructors and professionals.

Divisions and Research Departments

The Graduate School of Education is made up of the six research courses, Sciences of Lifelong Education, Education Policy and Social Analysis, Global Education, Educational Informatics and Innovative Assessment, Educational Psychology, and Clinical Psychology.

Division Research Departments
Educational Science Sciences of Lifelong Education
Education Policy and Social Analysis
Global Education
Educational Informatics and Innovative Assessment
Educational Psychology
Clinical Psychology