Where it is from

AEL Course is the program derived from the five-year Asia Joint-Degree Project (2011-2015) funded by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) of Japan. For more information about the ended project, please click here.

What we have gone through

AEL Course started in 2014. Proposed by Tohoku University’s Graduate School of Education and jointly run by six partner institutes of five universities in East Asia, it successfully opened four summer/winter courses between April 2014 and March 2016. It has brought together both students and academics in the field of education in the region. An East Asian network for learning, teaching and researching education has formed and keeps expanding.




Note: Other plans are also possible. Design one that you like (please refer to the credit requirements for the issue of Joint Certificate of Completion below). The number of days shown above are just estimates.


AEL Course Brochure 2014-2016

– All classes in the Summer and Winter Courses are conducted in English.
– AEL Course Joint Certificate of Completion will be issued to those who have earned at least 12 credits.
– Among the 12 credits, at least 6 credits should be earned from subjects held in university(ies) other than home university, at least 8 credits in total from subjects in (K)nowledge, (A)ttitude and (S)kill clusters, and at least 4 credits from subjects in (P)ractice cluster.
– K, A and S clusters should be participated at least once respectively and P cluster at least twice within the whole AEL Course.

Tohoku University, July 19-29, Summer 2014

Note: For Summer Course 2014 at Tohoku University, A and S clusters cannot be chosen at the same time as classes of the two clusters are concurrently held.

National Chengchi University, January 19 – February 6, Winter 2015

Nanjing Normal University, July 14 – August 1, Summer 2015

Korea University, January 17 – February 4, Winter 2016