The 3rd Session of AEL 2024 Winter Course Pre-study Series on Dec.14.

On December 14, we were pleased to welcome Prof. Mimi Bong, Director of Brain & Motivation Research Institute and Professor of Educational Psychology at Korea University, at the 3rd session of AEL 2024 Winter Course Pre-study Series to share her expertise on Motivational Psychology and Wellbeing.
Prof. Bong began by sharing pictures demonstrating the efforts of Korean elementary schools to create engaging and fun learning environments, which is relevant with her interest in motivation research. Then, she explained the theoretical concepts of attribution and emotion dimensions, shedding light on the reasons for experiencing academic successes and failures. Prof. Bong further introduced the drivers of achievement behaviors, enhancing our understanding of the links between performance and goals. The lecture concluded with an explanation of harmful factors on motivation and well-being.
In the discussion, 29 students from National Chengchi University, Nanjing Normal University, Korea University, National Taiwan Normal University, and Tohoku University were divided into six groups. They exchanged opinions on career path suggestions based on interests or competencies and discussed changes in the education system. Based on the students' presentations, Prof. Bong emphasized the importance of understanding and leveraging the interplay between goals, competency, and interests for personal development, educational strategies, and professional growth.
Thank you very much for your participation!
We look forward to seeing you all soon in AEL 2024 Winter Course at National Chengchi University and National Taiwan Normal University.