Asia Education Leader Couse 2022-2023 Agreement Signing Ceremony

Oct. 23, 2021, AELC partner universities jointly held AELC2022-2023 Agreement Signing Ceremony online. About 32 faculty members and students joined the ceremony. In the ceremony, we reviewed our AELC journey by a short video edited by Ms. Jiajia Guo (current ALEC students from Tohoku University). Also, we received individual messages from 13 AELC students and alumni at AELC partner universities to share their expereinces and reflection about AELC. The fourth round of AELC will start from 2022. And the AELC 2022 Winter Course will be jointly hosted by National Taiwan Normal University and National Chengchi University.
Look forward to our new collaboration for AELC 2022-2023!