Asia Education Leader 2022 Summer Course Pre-Study Series: Session 3

Good quality education is the foundation of well-being. Also, well-being is important at school. Today, in the 3rd session of Asia Education Leader 2022 Summer Course Pre-study Series, we were very pleased to invite Prof. Chen Chen, Professor of School of Psychology, Nanjing Normal University to provide a lecture about Well-being and Education.  21 students and 4 professors from Tohoku University, Korea University, Nanjing Normal University, National Chengchi University joined this session. Participants discussed that since well-being has many facets, improving students' well-being in schools and family requires various stakeholders, involving teachers, parents, and community members. The discussion enhanced our understanding of well-being and education. It also provided us with new insights of well-being in different countries.
Thank you very much for your participation!
And we look forward to seeing you all soon in AEL 2022 Summer Course.